Billy the kid becoming a legend

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Billy The Kid

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How Billy The Kid Went From New York City Boy To Wild West Legend

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Billy the Kid was free for just three months before his final encounter with Pat Garrett. The moment word got out about his escape, New Mexico’s governor put another $ bounty on the Kid, dead or alive. In July, Garrett caught wind that Billy might be staying with a friend in Fort Sumner, New Mexico.

Billy was 21 years old. Eight months following the killing, Garrett authored a book, “The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid,” that cemented Billy’s name in western lore.

Watch video · The legend of Billy the Kid was created by his killer, Sheriff Pat Garrett. Early Life Billy the Kid was born William Henry McCarty Jr. on November 23,in New York City.

How Billy The Kid Went From New York City Boy To Wild West Legend

The legend of Billy the Kid has acquired iconic status in American folklore, yet the outlaw himself, also known as William Bonney, had minimal impact on historical events in.

The psychoanalyst Alfred Adler wrote an analysis in of the mythic aspects of the legend of Billy the Kid in which he compared the Kid to Oedipus, King Arthur, Robin Hood, and other legendary heroes of the past.

Billy the Kid

Adler was the first writer to discuss the symbolic significance of Billy the Kid's nickname as a. Billy the kid, the legend lives on Henry McCarty, Henry Antrim and William H Bonny are all aliases of the notorious Billy the Kid. Born in the slums of New York City, Billy grew up in what we would consider today a broken home.

The exact date of his birth is uncertain but it he is known to be born in the early s.

Billy the kid becoming a legend
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