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What is the Erik Fisher Football Dream?

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Tangerine (novel)

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Before the beginning, when Paul Fisher is in kindergarten, a few friends of Erik, Paul's older brother, calls Paul "Eclipse Boy," causing Paul to believe that was why he was visually impaired. Years later, Erik and Paul move houses, with their parents, from Houston, Texas to Lake Windsor Downs in Tangerine, turkiyeninradyotelevizyonu.comge: English.

Paul Fisher can see things his parents can't, like how evil his older brother, Erik the football star, really is. He can see this even though he has been legally blind since an. Tangerine TEACHING UNIT INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Tangerine Objectives By the end of this unit, students will be able to: 1.

identify the protagonist in the novel. Contrast Paul and Erik Fisher. Discuss both physical and personality differences.

Provide specific examples from the novel. Though Erik Fisher is still at Lake Windsor High, and rivalries between Lake Windsor and Tangerine leads to fights and deaths throughout the course of the book.

What is the Erik Fisher Football Dream?

What I really liked about this book was its complex plot of the building friendships and the endurance of the sporting events/5(). Tangerine is a young adult novel by Edward Bloor.

His first published novel; it won several awards and has become a widely used book for assigned reading in schools. The novel's protagonist, Paul Fisher, wears coke-bottle glasses due to an incident in his youth.

Tangerine Test Review Sheet Literature Elements 1. Irony: Fisher‘s house = to a house of poison because of Eric 4. The presentation of material in a work in such a way that later events are prepared for e.g. p – ―Erik! Erik has a key. He can stop in here and get mine.‖.

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