Identifying a component of panacetin

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Lab 4-Identification of components of Panacetin-Exp 3

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Photoreduction of Benzophenone to Benzopinacol. Essay about Identifying a Constituent of Panacetin; Essay about Identifying a Constituent of Panacetin a Constituent of “Panacetin” 9/15/ Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to determine the unknown component of Panacetin.

Theory: Panacetin is an analgesic (pain reducing) and antipyretic (fever reducing) drug that is sold in.

Chem is a prerequisite for Chem and requires Chem (General Chem. II) or an equivalent course such as CEGEP Chem Chem will introduce you to basic aspects of the Identifying a Component of “Panacetin” Mon.

Feb. 11 - Fri. Feb. 15 Exp. 5 Simple Distillation: Preparation of Synthetic Banana Oil. Raeshaun Jones CH – Section 11 February 3, Experiment 1: Separating the Components of Panacetin and Identifying a Constituent of Panacetin. Identifying a Constituent of “Panacetin” - Recrystallization and Melting Point Measurement Keidra Douglas CHE L - Ms.

Shelton This preview has intentionally blurred sections. Sign up to view the full version%(19). Lab Report Format for Separating the Components of Panacetin (2) and Recrystallization.

Lab Report Format for Separating the Components of “Panacetin” (2) and Recrystallization and Melting Point Measurement: Identifying the Components of “Panacetin” (3). 28, 29 Exp 2 Separating the Components of “Panacetin.” Extraction & Evaporation.

Pre-Lab 1 June 1, 2 Exp 3 Identifying a Constituent of “Panacetin.” Recrystallization & Melting Point Measurement. Pre-Lab 2 Quiz 1, Exp 2 3, 4 Exp 15 Thin-Layer-Chromatographic Analysis of Drug Components.

Identifying a component of panacetin
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