Inheritance intros

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6 Inheritance

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An Introduction to Iowa Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Intros In the play Inheritance, written by Hannie Rayson, there is a level of tension between the Hamilton's and the Delaney's, which is escalated some what by the sale of the Delaney's family farm, Allandale. In general, inheritance is used to implement an "is-a" relationship, not a "has-a" relationship.

For example, a racehorse is a horse, as is a workhorse, so a reasonable inheritance hierarchy is: Horse / \ RaceHorse WorkHorse.

Inheritance Intros

Inheritance tax is a tax on the share going to a beneficiary, and it is the beneficiary who is responsible for payment of the tax. However, it is the duty of the personal representative to see that the tax is collected and paid.

We can fix this using the OO concept of inheritance. If we let a manager inherit from an employee, then it will get all the data and functionality of an employee. We can then add any new data and methods needed for a manager and redefine any methods that differ for a.

Hong Kong Main Office: 16/F, Emperor Commercial Centre, 39 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong Tel: () Fax: () China Representative Office: SuiteR & F Profit Plaza, 76 Huangpu Road West, Pearl River New City. INHERITANCE INTRODUCTION Inheritance is a relation given to the classes in a program.

A class can acquire the other class members. A class can acquire the other class members. Inherited members are available for a class's use as though they were defined in the same class.

Inheritance intros
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Introduction to Inheritance in C++