Staffing industry in india

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Aarvi Encon is a leading manpower supply and outsourcing company in India. Providing complete staffing and recruitment solutions, sourcing and supplying quality staff for factories and manufacturing companies on contract and temporary basis.

India and China are potentially large markets, so we want to grow in what we call the sweet spots of the market, such as staffing with added value. Recruitment Agency experts Australia wide with a reputation for Recruitment Company, recruitment agencies and employment agency expertise.

The buzz in the market is that the staffing and recruitment industry in India is expected to grow significantly byfueled by the need, on the one hand, for a flexible workforce, and on the other, desire from the worker for a mobile, educational and flexible work arrangement.

The flexi staffing industry in India is under-leveraged and underpenetrated in spite of it being ranked globally among top 5 in terms of sheer size. Even today, the industry lacks official recognition and hence there is an urgent need to build a comprehensive labour law ecosystem to make this sector attractive and a choice of employment for the ever.

Recently, Indian Staffing Federation (ISF), The top body of flexi-staffing industry in India comprising of about 30 members from the staffing industry, organized a National Conclave on Staffing – ‘The future of Employment to galvanize the recognition of staffing as a choice of employment both by employers and society’.

Staffing industry in india
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Staffing Industry Facts & Data