The question of whether elections are becoming an unnecessary expenditure in india

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Role Of Election Commission

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Media and Elections

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Election FAQs

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conduct of elections, whether general elections or bye-elections.


Again, it is the Commission, which decides on the location of polling stations, assignment of voters to the polling stations. India News: "The scheme will only cover hospital-based care, while data shows that the bulk of expenditure that patients incur is on conditions when they are not.

India’s economy returned to 8 percent growth for the first time in two years, as strong consumer demand has spurred a modest revival in private investment.

Gross domestic product growth in the first quarter of was at percent compared with percent in the same quarter last year, according to data released by the Central Statistics Office today.

Misc. Elections: Presidential Election Campaign Fund: $ million of taxpayer money will be used to pay for stages, food, alcohol, balloons and confetti for the Democratic and Republican National Conventions in The Democratic and Republican Parties are not federal agencies and should not receive tax payer funds to pay for their events.

The question of whether elections are becoming an unnecessary expenditure in india
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