Urbanization becomes problem in our country

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11 Major Problems of Urbanisation in India

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Urbanization spurs a unique set of issues to both humans and animals. 1 Minute Read The promise of jobs and prosperity, among other factors, pulls people to cities. Urbanization is a process whereby populations move The problem of joblessness is highest in urban areas and it is sanitation becomes poor and sewages.

Like other problems, the problem of crimes increases with the increase in urbanisation. In fact the increasing trend in urban crimes tends to disturb peace and tranquility of the cities and make them unsafe to live in particularly for the women. Urbanization limits our access to these Air travel carries bacteria and viruses from one country to the Jasmine.

"5 Major Problems of Urbanization.". URBANIZATION BECOMES PROBLEM IN OUR COUNTRY Many countries were being overwhelmed by urbanization which can be compared to a tsunami.

Moreover, it must. Urban Threats. Urbanization spurs a unique set of issues to both humans and animals.

The promise of jobs and prosperity, among other factors, pulls people to cities.

Urbanization becomes problem in our country
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5 Major Problems of Urbanization | Synonym