Why did i choose to become a dentist

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Cosmetic Dentist Jacksonville, Florida

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Know Before You Go: Root Canals

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Reasons to Become a Dentist

Do you remember what motivated you to enter dentistry? Have you ever wondered if you would choose dentistry again if you were given the opportunity to make another career choice?

When undergraduate students are asked why they want to go to dental school, their replies usually reflect some idealistic expectation of what the profession can give. During my first few weeks as a student-dentist in the clinic at dental school, I had a new patient assigned to me.

She arrived late, and we were both in a hurry to get the oral examination and treatment planning finished so we could start working on her teeth. Dentistry is a challenging career that requires extensive training and preparation. Aspiring dentists must meet stringent educational requirements, including eight or more years of study after high school, and fulfill the licensing requirements of.

Welcome to our Practice Dentist Flowery Branch GA – What to Think About When Choosing a Dental Practice for Your Family. No matter who you are or where you live, the dental practice you choose will play a vital role in your health care and the health care of your family.

Choose from a number of career options. While 80% of dental school graduates go into private practice in general dentistry, the profession offers a wide range of clinical, research and academic opportunities to both new graduates and.

About a month ago there was a blog post that got a lot of attention. It was titled 10 Reasons Your Dentist Probably Hates You Too. It created quite a stir and wrote a post that I called 10 Reasons Why My Patients Love Me, in response.

Why your dentist costs so much

The author of the first post wrote it with her tongue firmly planted in her cheek, and I wrote my response to sho.

Why did i choose to become a dentist
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[] What You Should Know Before You Become A Dentist